Retirement Age and Its Beauty

Retirement age is sometimes received with mixed feelings by most of us; really, what does retirement age mean? Does it mean that you are too old to work, or that its time for you to have fun since you have worked so hard for all your life?

Who decides the retirement age?

Of course, the government has a retirement age set for both men and women by whom we all abide; however, some people simply cannot accept a retired life and pick up some activity or another along the way.

The retirement age should be decided by those who want to retire and when they want to retire. I know many retired people who stay active in doing voluntary jobs such as social services and community help.

The Beauty of Being Retired

Most people panic when they hit the retirement age, as they feel it’s the last stage of their life; it is hard to just stop someone from let’s say over active lifestyle and punish him/her to no job or activity.

This however, is not what retirement is all about; it is about enjoying the fruit of your labor. When at work one is caught in the routine of the job and daily chores that one does not have time to stop and even smell the roses; so, this is the time to do so. Not only smell the roses, but live your dreams.

Retirement age is not the end but the beginning of living your dreams and doing what you truly wanted to do all your life and never could due to some reason or the other.

When you are retired and you really cannot stay at home doing just what you like, then you have to make a choice of picking a job of your choice and doing it because you like it, not because you need the money. There are many companies that hire retired people and are very happy in doing so, as they get a qualified and experienced person for the job.

What Is Retirement All About?

Retirement is about the person who retires – at last paying tribute to his/her work and officially allowing him/her to take a break from the routine and celebrate life.

Retirement age is to be cherished and further explored and enjoyed every single day. At last true freedom to do what you please, as you please when you please!




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