Military Retirement Pay and Its Honors

Military retirement pay is more than just a pay, it is a tribute to a life full of devotion towards your country and fellow country men. Military fellow women and men put their lives at stake when the duty calls without thinking twice if it’s right or wrong; they deserve not only rewarding military retirement pay, but the recognition and honor for the job they had done.

In the military, the ‘Date of Initial Entry into Military Service’ or also known as DIEMS and the service date as stipulated in the Title 10 section 1405 of the United States Code, involves the calculation of the retirement benefits for each military personnel.

There are 3 remuneration retirement plans available in the military

1. DIEMS before September 8, 1980 – for those who served the military and fall under this category the military retirement pay is based on the military’s personal monthly income and the 2% of the concerned person’s years of service. This plan is known as the present military retirement plan.

2. DIEMS between September 8, 1980 and July 31, 1986 – all military personal whose service dates are between this period have the following military retirement pay; the product of the 2% of the person’s years of service and the average of his/her highest 36 months of the basic take home pay an the days of active duty. This plan is known as the ‘high 36/50 percent plan’.

3. DIEMS on or after August 1, 1986 - for those who fall on or after this date have the following military retirement pay; the same 2% of the person’s years of service and only 1% of every year of service that is below 30 years as well as the average of the person’s maximum income and a 36 month remuneration. This plan is known as the ‘high 36/40 percent plan’.

Military retirement pay is unique and is designed to offer the maximum benefit to the personnel who have served his or her whole life putting their country and fellow country people first even above their families.

These outstanding people who served all their lives under the US military deserve not only retirement pay to measure their deeds, as you cannot measure one’s acts of bravery with money, but also the greatest honor and love for being selfless citizens of a country who is proud of them now and always. May they always be cherished as true heroes.


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