Why a Roth Individual Retirement Account is Great

Getting your finances sorted out and ready for retirement can be a confusing and tedious procedure, albeit an important and essential one. Having a good investment plan for your later years is vital so that you can enjoy this time of your life without having to depend on anyone or leave any of your dependents in a bad financial situation once you stop working.

You might have heard of many types of retirement plans, each laden with merits and demerits. Traditionally an individual retirement account has more disadvantages than advantages. However there is a new type of individual retirement account and this is the Roth individual retirement account.

Tax Free

The best things about a Roth individual retirement account is that you do not have to pay taxes on the money you save when using this type of investment. This is because the money used in this type of individual retirement account is after-tax investment and therefore you are not obligated to pay tax.

Essentially what you are doing is investing your money and receiving the profits later on without having to pay tax. Because after-tax money is used, the investor does not receive any kind of tax deduction benefits, which a traditional individual retirement account may have provided.

The Limits

There is a limit on the amount of money an individual is allowed to invest in their individual retirement account – presently that limit is set at $4000. However there is no limit to the amount of individual retirement accounts a person may have. Although a person may have any number of such accounts; the limit they are allowed to invest means that they can only invest that limit on all accounts combined.

Therefore, even if someone has as many as 30 individual retirement accounts, they can only invest $4000 in total in these accounts and so an individual retirement account is best if your income falls below certain thresholds.

Works with Others

This is not the only type of individual retirement account - there are other options and you can use multiple types of these accounts when investing. It is however important to keep in mind the limit rule when deciding to do this. Another option is to use an individual retirement account simultaneously with a 401k retirement plan. This could actually be a very beneficial investment for your retirement.

Depending on what type of 401k retirement plan you choose, your income may or may not be tax free. In other words you could be earning two sets of income that are completely tax-free! So think carefully and decide once you’ve explored the options available to you so that you can guarantee a great retirement.





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