The Free Retirement Speech that Comes with your Retirement

It seems nearly impossible to miss the free retirement speech that someone or the other feels compelled to give at a retirement party for no particular reason what so ever.

Happy to Retire?

Retirement in itself is not always the most joyous moment in the whole world. Yes, I know many say it should be a happy time because you are getting all this free time to yourself and at last you can do whatever your heart truly desires. However, most times it is with sadness that one embraces retirement and not joy. Why?

Well, there are many reasons; the biggest is the realization that it is the end of a great era in one’s life – your working career. Of course now days many of us work well after our retirement and have brilliant careers with quite a busy lifestyle but, the retirement day from your lifetime job will still be a day you will remember and you may or may not appreciate a free retirement speech.

The Retirement Party and the Free Retirement Speech

Most times one will get a little (or not so little) retirement party from one’s colleagues and/or family and friends. It is at such parties that you run the movie of your life in your mind and live some cherished -and some not so cherished- memories at the same time. It usually is a nice time for everyone involved but the one who retires; no matter what he or she says, will be feeling a bit blue with bouts of nostalgia.

You will be asked to give a little farewell speech and it is at that time some others will feel the need or urge to make a little free retirement speech of their own in your honor. While some of these farewell speeches are welcome such as the one from your boss offering you gratitude and appreciation or the one from your child expressing love and respect for your life’s work and devotion.

However, there are some speeches you can do without.

It is bad enough that you are having all these flash backs as if all your life’s work and career just started yesterday - you do not need a free retirement speech by someone who you least expect to deliver one such as your job replacement or the person you did not get along with so well with in the office.

The Silver Lining

You have made it to the retirement and you have the rest of your life ahead to do as you please with it while others still have to stick to a schedule - and worse, deadlines. In the end you are the winner here and that should be the sentiment echoed in your free retirement speech.


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