Plan for your Golden Years with a 401k Retirement Calculator

When you are young, everything is new and exciting, including money. Whether you have just graduated from college, or are fresh out of high school and entering into the workforce, you need to have an idea of what to do with the money that you are earning. Any wise person would advise that you begin investing in a 401k, which is a retirement savings plan. Starting off as soon as you can is best and a 401k retirement calculator will help you figure out how much your savings will be available when you retire.

Here is what a 401k retirement calculator does, and how it can be a simple and fast way to view your current and future savings:

Needed Information

In order to figure out your future savings, go to a website that offers a 401k retirement calculator. The information you will need is your current 401k plan balance, annual income, salary reduction amount, expected salary increase, years to fund plan before retirement and a conservative, moderate and aggressive interest amount. Simply insert the above information as best to your knowledge and hit “calculate”


The results from the 401k retirement calculator should show a year by year’s estimate of growth for your 401k. Also, the results depend upon how much you are investing, when you begin investing and the current and future inflation rates. You should also consider that borrowing against your 401k plan can affect how much your income will be by the time you retire.


A 401k retirement calculator is a fast and easy way to see how much you are going to have saved up by the time you retire. However, it is not an exact number. If you want more accurate figures, it is wise to seek the advice of a professional financial consultant to plan your future.

Also, keep saving as much as you can because if you have a non-working spouse or other dependants, your 401k can be higher. Avoid getting into debt because by spending a large chunk of your paycheck in paying off debt, you will be putting less money aside in to your savings.

In the end, planning ahead is always best. When it comes to retirement, you want to make sure that you can relax and enjoy your golden years instead of worrying about payments and medical expenses.


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